What We Stand For & Our Principles

Welcome to SOCF CrossFit located in Orlando, FL. We are determined to help you achieve your goals with proper programming and a motivating community!

SOCF CrossFit strives to provide authentic coaching to our athletes. We stand for COMMUNITY whether you are an experienced athlete or someone looking to give CrossFit a try.

Our goal is to connect like minded individuals that want to reach certain goals whether it's doing your first box jump, squat or to become an elite athlete. We stay strong on community building by making everyone feel like family.


Our Classes

The coaches at SOCF CrossFit are dedicated to ensuring athletes receive adequate training and support to reach their goals. We believe in giving athletes what they need to stick to their goals and make new ones.


(COVID-19) Florida Governor Orders All Gyms to Close

We are sad to have to close our doors to you for now, but the time has come. Remember that your health and safety is one of our top priorities. Please ensure during this time you follow all health guidelines put out to protect you and your loved ones.

SOCF is a home for everyone and we will work on membership fees to ensure everybody is able to maintain their memberships. Let’s work together to ensure that we all have a home to come back to at the end of this.

Stay connected and tag @socf_crossfit as we stay healthy together. Remember you can find At Home workouts under the Bootcamp tab. Also, you can join our Team Soul Community at 6AM, 9AM, 4PM, and 6PM Monday through Friday as they perform the At Home workouts. Follow the link for more information and access:



"This gym is everything I love about Crossfit. Was in Orlando from out of town and needed a place to workout for the week and decided to try SOCF out. From the moment I walked in everyone (staff and members included) made me feel welcome and at home. I had a great time working out at SOCF; the workouts were great, the gym is big and very well equipped, and they have a great community built there. Thanks for making me feel at home!

Amy Faulkner

By far the best box I have ever been to in my life. Not only does this box make you feel so welcomed from the moment you step in, but all the coaches are truly dedicated to you and your fitness goals. The coaches are there with you every step of the way when you need them the most which is unfortunately hard to find these days. Every member is so welcoming that you feel like you’re truly working out with your family and not just strangers. Definitely a must try whether you’re visiting or living in the central Florida area!

Evelyn Bula

February 10, 2023

"This CrossFit is the best CrossFit ever my 11 year old daughter goes there and she loves it and my even my six-year-old daughter goes to super amazing they have good prices to you and like the kids class is so amazing even for adults it's really amazing to can't even go on competitions just like adults they treat the kids like adults but a little less hardeman the dark adult but it's really good I loved it love it love it love it you're the best ever I recommend you go there if you like need boost up in your strength if you want to get stronger and stuff it's really good I'm sorry if I spell stuff wrong because I'm using the microphone I don't have time to write all this

Yanice Pagan


Contact Information:
Address: 11687 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32837

Call Us (407)-930-7724
Email socfcrossfit@gmail.com

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